Public and educational institutions

We actively contribute to the educational process, choosing to actively support higher education institutions by facilitating access to our services.
The main purpose is to keep up with the evolution of the industries where students are eventually going to work, to understand the industry at a meso-economical level and to develop a global thinking of the industry.

We provide analyzes to the local government contributing to the success of local decisions and, implicitly, to the success of the companies.


Because we provide objective and clear information, our analyzes are published in both digital and physical media.

Multinational companies

Our analyzes are used by major global companies operating in the European and local market.
By knowing the importance of quality information in the decision-making process, companies choose to consult a third-party, an objective and independent opinion designed to present a picture of the industry at national level and analyze it compared to the global one.

Small and Medium Businesses

Because we know how hard it is to get the upper hand in a competitive market for a small company, our studies and analyzes are an important element of the strategy of SME’s to complement the image they have on the market they are operating in and at the same time offer a new angle to look at the industry through data sets that we process with precision.