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"We have the ability and experience to provide the information you need to make the right decisions"
Bratosin Andrei
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Financial Trends is a research company based in Bucharest. Our company has developed over the years a broad portfolio of reports that are delivered monthly, quarterly, and annually to our clients so they can adapt their strategy consistently to market developments.

Our analysis portfolio is currently structured into three categories:

1. FT Industry monitoring

A service that can be compared to an outsourced analysis department targeting manufacturing, retail, and marketing and consulting companies.

The technology behind the platform combined with analytical data and methods transforms the way you discover, interpret and report to industry information, integrating the conclusions of our analyzes into the decision making process.

FT industry monitoring allows you to track industry evolution from a new angle, identify new opportunities, develop new ideas, and make decisions with greater and faster confidence.

2. Industry analysis

A necessary tool for every industry company to know in detail the demand for traded product, production levels, imports and exports.

Our reports combine industry analysis with short-term estimates to provide a complete package of information in order to ensure clarity in the decision-making process.

3. Financial analysis

Currently, our financial analyzes are published under the name of “Top 100 Companies” and contain the financial statements of the most important 100 companies in each of the analyzed industries (according to the 4-digit NACE classification).

In order to help our customers make intelligent decisions and minimize risk, our company covers through the three types of analysis a wide range of industries such as:

  • Food industry,
  • Paper industry,
  • Furniture industry,
  • Woodworking industry,
  • Machinery and equipment industry,
  • Plastic products industry,,
  • Non-metallic mineral industry,
  • Textile industry,
  • Leather and footwear industry,
  • Clothing industry

We periodically update our studies to ensure our clients benefit from the most up-to-date, relevant and valuable information.

We include in our analysis our global vision of an industry by analyzing the industry’s evolution at a national and global level in order to identify its growth potential by reference to developed markets and to identify early warning signals from industry at global level.

Our values

Professional integrity

Because we act as an independent and outsourced analysis department for companies, we are able to provide objective information

Privacy and Safety

Capacities and intellectual capital are enhanced by our deep expertise in the field and the direct and collaborative approach

Long term vision

The vision that drives Financial Trends results from our work, our reports and our relationship with the press and clients.

Quality service

Our team members see what others cannot see, provoking unconventional thinking and constantly offering innovative solutions.

Dedicated team

Our team connects the company with prominent leaders of the academic community for joint research on market issues.

Inovative solutions

We work with executives to accelerate the creation process through a mix of analytical and management approaches.

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