About us
We are here to find the best solution for your business, your success is our mission.
FinancialTrends is a research and consulting company from Bucharest with over 10 years of experience in risk management, market and financial analysis.
Over time, we have developed a broad portfolio of analyzes that are delivered monthly, quarterly and annually to our customers so that they can constantly adapt their strategy to market developments.
We have published the new premium industry reports from the Market Intelligence Europe series.
Our Values
Professional integrity
We help you like an independent and outsourced analysis department for your company, managing to provide objective analysis every time.
Long-term vision
The vision through which Financial Trends is managed emerges from our activity, from our reports and from the relationship with the press and partners.
Dedicated team
Our professionals connect the company with prominent leaders of the academic community for joint research on market issues.
Privacy and Security
Capacities and intellectual capital are enhanced by our deep expertise in the field with a direct and collaborative approach.
Quality services
Our team members see what others fail to see, challenging conventional thinking and constantly offering innovative solutions.
Innovative solutions
We work with executives to accelerate execution through a mix of analytical and management approaches.
Market Explorer

Market Explorer is a database created specifically for your business.

We provide you with the necessary contacts to expand your business in an international market, whether you want to diversify your supply chain or you plan to sell your products in new markets.

Industry Analysis

A necessary tool for every company that operates or serves an industry to know in detail the demand for the products sold, the level of production, imports and exports both locally and globally.

Get industry estimates for the next 5 years and see the results of the full analysis of investments, sales, cyclicality and industry structure.

Global Trade Flows

A new FinancialTrends service available soon, which will bring benefits and new opportunities for those who have the courage to approach a new business model.

We are here to talk about your business.