Leather clothes market in Hungary 2012-2022 – Market analysis, market size, forecast, trends

Our newest market analysis is dedicated to the leather clothes market in Hungary, which provides access to key information about the structure and trends of the industry in a regional context.

The report analyzes the historical evolution of the industry and future prospects over an average timeframe of 5 years (by 2022), under the influence of macroeconomic indicators and of the regional and local context.

The analysis presents in a detailed manner the evolution of categories and subcategories of products specific to the industry, in terms of value and quantity, along with the trade flows detailed on the most important trading partners.

A short preview from our findings from the report.

Leather clothes market in Hungary in figures

*Region is composed from Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


In 2012-2017, the average growth rate of production (CAGR) for the analyzed products was -8.16%.

Consumption – demand size

In 2012-2017, the average growth rate of consumption (CAGR) for the analyzed products was 5.11% .

Over the period 2012-2017, most of the population’s consumption was satisfied by non-domestic products.

Consumption per capita

The analysis of per capita consumption at EU 28 average, relative to the standard of living of the population in the European Union, using the GDP per capita and the consumption per capita proxies, showed that , in Hungary, consumption per capita represents 13.04% of the EU28 average, registering the 27th lowest consumption among member countries.

Exports and imports

The evolution of exports registered a -8.16% CAGR in the first half of the analyzed period. In the meantime, the imports got a 5.11% CAGR in the first half of the analysed period.

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